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Recycled Liquid Black Soap 1L Caramel Scent

– Saponified in cauldron according to the traditional method in Sfax.
– Natural caramel fragrance made in our workshop.
– A hypoallergenic formulation in an eco-responsible approach.
– 1 liter of used cooking oil pollutes 10,000 liters of groundwater. This same liter filtered and transformed into liquid soap disappears in nature at 98% in 28 days!!


Silver, Copper Stainless
Dilute in a large container 4 tbsp. of liquid black soap for 5L of hot water. Leave the parts to be treated to soak for 5 to 10 minutes, drain then dry with a clean cloth so that they regain all their shine.

Tiles, wooden parquet
The liquid black soap is ideal for washing, degreasing, nourishing and shining all types of washable floors. Mix 2 tbsp. of black soap for 5L of hot water, then let dry without rinsing.

Black soap is a polishing and protective cleaner ideal for ridding plants of traces left by insects (aphids, scale insects). Simply dilute in a spray bottle 5 tbsp. of black soap in 1L of hot water, let cool before use. Spray preferably early in the morning or at dusk, and avoid doing it in the middle of the day in the sun or in the rain.

Apply black soap to the grease stains and rub lightly to make it penetrate. Leave on for a few minutes before washing in the machine or by hand.

On a slightly warm oven, apply your black soap on the areas to be degreased then spread a little baking soda and leave to act for half a day. Scrub and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Hood grill, hob, barbecue
Regularly degrease the grids using a sponge soaked in a small amount of black soap. If the grease is very stubborn, soak the grill for a few hours in a basin of hot water with 2 tbsp of black soap, then rinse thoroughly with hot water.

For the dishes
It is a perfect replacement for your dishwashing liquid, especially for heavily soiled items like frying pans and even fryers. It is perfect for restoring their shine to stainless steel pots and pans.

Recipe. Pour 3-4 drops of black soap on a sponge and wash the dishes. Rinse with hot water.

Car wash
Prepare soapy water in a bucket of hot water, pouring 2-3 capfuls of liquid black soap into it. For interior surfaces, rub them with a sponge, wiping as you go with clean cloths. No need to rinse. For the outside, rub with a sponge then rinse.

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