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Love Candle

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Fall in love with the calming scent of the LOVE candle that will make your home feel cozy and warm. A fresh woody, forestry scent with Rosemary, evergreen pine and a note of patchouli that will envelope you in a natural atmosphere.

Refill is possible in-store for a price of 20 TND

Candle Care & Instructions:

–  Soy has a memory; the way you burn it will affect future burns. So here are the ways to best enjoy your new candle!

– Allow the wax to reach the edges of the container during the first burn.

– Trim the wick to 5mm prior each burn.

– Keep away from Children, pets, open windows and vents.

– Over time, exposure to elements and burning, our candle may change, this is due to the natural nature of the wax and fragrances used. We always recommend storing your candle in a cool place, with lid on, away from heat and direct sunlight.

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Product Care

Khushee is a tunisian home grown business founded on the core principals of quality, faireness and transparency launched in 2021. I, the founder, try to engineer a local, unique candle alternative to the synthetic paraffin wax candles on the modern market. We offer clean burnng soy / bee wax scented candles.

The selection of our beloved frargrances is inspired by Mediterranean nature, herbs, fruit and blooms. All of Khushee’s product line is entirely hand poured and handcrafted with love.