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Castile Soap with Olive Oil 500g

Surgras soap without palm oil, for all home use, hands, laundry, dishes…
Handmade soap by cold saponification

Drawing its origin from the Crusades, it is the Spanish descendant of Aleppo soap.

Our Castile soap is authentic and is made from 100% olive oils and contains no additives.

Household soap ideal for home maintenance. To be used as a Marseille soap.

What is cold saponification?
Cold saponification is a soap-making process that has been used for millennia. This process makes it possible to produce a soap without heating its ingredients. All the properties of the ingredients incorporated are preserved and this makes it possible to obtain real care soaps using the virtues of the oils, butters, essential oils and other natural active ingredients present in the soap.
Advantage of cold saponification:
The natural glycerin produced during saponification is fully preserved, it moisturizes and protects the skin.
Surgras soaps preserving the hydrolipidic film of the skin.
Natural soaps containing no chemical additives, therefore particularly well tolerated by the most reactive skin.

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