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Baking Soda 500gr

One of the products to have in your cupboards when you want to adopt an ecological household! Indeed, sodium bicarbonate is a biodegradable, economical, 100% natural and very effective white powder for household, laundry, garden and even health.

MONSAPO baking soda is a slightly grainy, very soluble powder, which has multiple properties:

– Deodorizer: eliminates bad odors from the house, laundry, refrigerator, etc.
– Stain remover: neutralizes all types of stains and makes laundry whiter
Makes dishes and silverware shine
– Cleaner and disinfectant: removes grease, grime and dirt
– Insecticide: keeps insects away from your plants.

– Keep out of reach of children.
– Avoid contact with eyes.
– Do a test on a non-visible part before the first use on a fabric or surface.

7,000 TND

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Mon Sapo is an ecological brand of hygiene and cleaning products. Effective, economical and natural