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100% Virgin Coconut Oil Wash & Shampoo 2 Bars

Made with 100% virgin coconut oil. ,and super fatted at 30% , This cold process soap is incredibly moisturizing, best for sensitive skin . 

Makes your skin feel soft and smooth. Deeply nourishes and moisturizes. Smells incredibly fresh and pure 

How to use : Lather the soap on wet skin. Massage gently then rinse with water.

How to preserve : Give your bar plenty of air , use our olive wood soap dish and store it up out of the water ;

Ingredient : 100% virgin coconut oil , rice flour , natural rose water, vitamin E.

Because each soap is handcrafted in small batches, a slight variation in color, design, and weight may occur between bars. 1 bar size approximate weight is 40 g.

100% natural – Minimal and plastic free packaging – Biodegradable – No parabens, SLS – Free of fragrance – Inspired by Ayurveda – Handcrafted in Tunisia

Vegan, Cruelty-Free & Sustainable

26,000 TND

Only 1 left in stock

” Inspired by āyur-veda the ancient medicine from India ”
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